Zlatan Ibrahimovic Ajax
23 February 2018
The young Swede was yet to establish himself in the Ajax first team, until a fight with scissors – plus some dazzling Champions League displays – opened the world's eyes to his talent
16 February 2018
World Cup winners, multiple Champions League victors and more. We're not saying this lot were bad footballers, but their epic trophy hauls probably surpass their ability...
14 February 2018
Former Barcelona striker Patrick Kluivert has given his in-demand son Justin some advice amid talk of a transfer from Ajax this year.
13 February 2018
As the Champions League knockout stage returns, we count down the greatest games since 1992. Can any rival a certain instant classic from last season?
3 February 2018
The transfer of Amin Younes from Ajax to Napoli did not go ahead last month, but the Germany international still appears bound for Serie A.


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