Wayne Rooney
9 October 2019
Sixty-one players have reached a half-century of goals for one Premier League team. One man has done it for two...
Wenger Fergie
30 September 2019
We romanticise Fergie vs Wenger for a reason; two men who disliked and respected each other in equal measure, in charge of the Premier League's best sides of their era. But who else makes an all-time list like this?  
Jurgen Klopp FourFourTwo
24 September 2019
Get your hands on the November 2019 issue of FourFourTwo magazine – available in print or on iPad and iPhone – from September 27
Alex Manninger Arsenal 1998
13 September 2019
Not every player to win the monthly gong can be Thierry Henry, Gareth Bale or Cristiano Ronaldo. Sometimes it's someone a bit more unusual
Marouane Fellaini fouls
13 September 2019
It’s a list of the English top flight’s serial shin crunchers...
Didier Drogba Chelsea
11 September 2019
As the international break fades back into the Premier League season, we combine the two...
30 August 2019
Bury have been kicked out of the EFL, while Bolton survive by the skin of their teeth. But what really happened?
30 August 2019
Manchester United are reportedly among several Premier League clubs eager to increase solidarity payments for lower-league sides after Bury's expulsion from the Football League.
28 August 2019
On this day in 1994, Robbie Fowler thumped home a hat-trick in four minutes and 33 seconds. That one's well known – these ones not so much...


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