4 June 2012
Roberto Di Matteo has revealed how he nearly became a butcher when he was younger, rather than start a career in football.
1 January 2012
"If Newcastle sold Cabaye, they'd definitely be in relegation trouble"
1 November 2011
"Cheese is for children. It's a poison"
12 September 2011
"Gianfranco made you a better player. He was the best I ever played with, no doubt"
2 September 2011
I think other countries are very different to us, but in this country the international captaincy is held in very high esteem
1 July 2011
"On the eve of the World Cup final, my players were anxious and having trouble sleeping. I found them playing mini-golf in the hotel corridor..."
1 April 2011
"What areas do I need to work on? All of them"
17 July 2010
"I'd like a go at being Bugs Bunny. He was tremendous at outwitting everyone..."
26 June 2010
"Sepp Blatter in a loin cloth, covered in body paint? That would be brilliant..."
16 June 2010
"Every training session we have players like Xavi, Iniesta, Silva and Fabregas. It's wonderful being able to play with them..."


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