Beautiful Brazil won't succeed under dull Dunga

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There is more than 11 reasons for us Brazilians to get excited again with the national team, who beat Italy as easy as pizza pie on Tuesday night at the Emirates Stadium.

Robinho flying high, Ronaldinho returning to form, Elano proving once again that he’s decisive when it counts (why can't this guy get a game at Manchester City?), Felipe Melo making a solid debut, and even Inter Milan mis-fit Adriano showing he still wants to shine for his country.

Elano gets a game (and a goal) for his country

But there's also the names who weren't there. Some of them sidelined in Europe, like Anderson or Kaká, and some of them waiting in the wings, such as midfielder Hernanes and striker Keirrison, for whom stardom with the Seleção is only a matter of time.

And there are two who were in London but were barely given time to impress: promising defender Thiago Silva and Milan sensation Alexandre Pato. It was nonsense to play The Duck for just 10 minutes against defenders he’s been turning inside out every other Sunday in Italy.

Which brings us back to the only reason us Brazilians have yet to get swept off our feet with the national team... Dunga.

Much has been levelled at the former World Cup-winning captain since he was placed in the Seleção hot seat. He’s inexperienced, he’s defensive-minded, he’s obnoxious, he’s too sour...

For me one question soars above all: if this guy can’t pick the right shirt to go with his trousers, how can he select the right players to don the yellow shirt and teach them what to do on the pitch?

Of course, he can’t. It’s unimaginable to think of Dunga leading Brazil in a World Cup. Not now. Not ever.

Dunga: "I knew I should have just worn a suit"

We’re currently celebrating a fantastic win against one of our main rivals for 2010 World Cup glory, as we did after the 6-2 rout of Portugal last November.

And although I don’t want to be pessimistic, it’s only a matter of time before we’re brought back down to earth with a boring, scoreless home draw against Peru or Bolivia.

Having learnt the lesson of 2006, beautiful Brazil has all the tools to add a sixth World Cup crown to the trophy cabinet in South Africa next year. But we won’t clinch it if 'the ugly coach' is still in charge.

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