Can Diego revitalise vapid Argentina?

Blogs always run the risk of blurring the boundaries between fact and opinion... and Argie Bargy is no different.

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A nugget of information here, a misguided prediction there (I recently saw a quote of mine in a magazine declaring unequivocally who would win last season's championship, which, erm, ahem, este, didn't quite happen) and a smattering of opinion everywhere.

I'd like to think I fall on the factual side of the Daily Mail and perhaps the more opinionated side of those more intellectual papers, like the Mirror.

One particular sentiment of Argie Bargy's was directed at the national team management of Alfio Basile. Now I'm certainly not one to blame the coach every time a team suffers, unless it is over a particularly protracted period, but it wasn't long ago I'd called for the coach to go... again.

Coco go-go. Argie Bargy gets it's way... for once

Under Coco (a nickname which doesn't have anything to do with a clown, unfortunately) Argentina's national team have been lacklustre in their World Cup qualifying games – I'm bored of using 'lacklustre' to describe them, how about unimaginative, humdrum, characterless or vapid. Yes vapid seems particularly apt.

With a team that includes Messi, Aguero. Mascherano and Riquelme, it can only be the manager's fault they lost 1-0 against Chile (yes, Chile!). And thank goodness, Coco then finally stepped down and disappeared into the night.

A replacement has yet to be announced, but on paper whoever steps in will start with an easy job. Qualifying still seems a dead cert, no matter how the next games go.

Chile defeat proved one mediocre result too many 

Given the calibre of the players, defeat to Bolivia just isn't going to happen (yes, that is a prediction), but harder to please will be the Argentine fans. They want skill, flurry, fanaticism, humiliating score lines, not, erm, vapidity. 

And news just in...

Guess who is in line to be the new coach?

Yep, you guessed right...