Cloak & dagger conduct from Kaka's nearest & dearest

AC Milan have been acting all innocent in the Ricky Kaka saga but according to a Serie Aaaaargh! source close to the club, they in fact officially informed the player on Friday that they were ready to listen to Manchester City’s mind-blowing offer.

Needless to say, Kaka was somewhat thrown by Milan’s willingness to contemplate allowing him to leave, regardless of the transfer fee.

The Serie Aaaaargh! source then related that a “heated” conversation with papa Kaka - who runs his affairs - confirmed junior’s worst fears, but “hey, look on the bright side, think of all that lovely loot” was the pay-off line.

Kaka: Waving goodbye to the San Siro?

So, have daddy and Mr Berlusconi been plotting away behind the star’s back to make sure the deal goes through?

Our man-in-the-know seems to think so and Kaka’s team-mates aren't best pleased with the state of affairs, although that might be something to do with the fact that they are unlikely to ever land a contract worth half a million pounds a week.

It's all intriguing stuff and now it’s a matter of persuading Kaka to bid farewell to Italy for a new life in the Premier League.

That passage may be further smoothed by whispers that the God-fearing Kaka will no longer answer to mere mortal status, but transcend into that rarefied atmosphere of global megastar.

Again according to our source, with David Beckman’s pulling power on the wane, Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment have Kaka lined-up as a the perfect product replacement.

Fuller has already ensured Becks and his missus their global prominence and such grandiose plans are afoot to brand it like Beckham for the Brazilian.

Those clean-cut chops would not only be elevated to saintly eminence in the marketing heaven of the US, but into the very lucrative frontiers of the Gulf States and the Far East where the Premier League already has a far greater impact than Serie A.

'Brand Beckham' out, 'Brand Kaka' in

So, let us leave Kaka to rub shoulders with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Richard Dunne and turn to more pressing matters such as Inter’s dismal form of late.

Today is officially the most depressing day of the year and no doubt Jose Mourinho will be in a foul mood after Sunday’s woeful display against Atalanta, although the coach has to accept much of the blame for his side’s winter blues.

The Portuguese’s own malaise has rubbed off on his team and a more morose group of individuals you would never wish your greatest enemy to run into.

Maybe it’s time to let Adriano take the lads out on the tiles to lighten the mood, although the thought of Gareth Bale joining the Nerazzurri would bring a chuckle to anyone’s face.

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