The Football Pools are back and even better than before – advertising feature

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Played the New Football Pools yet? Then what are you waiting for?

All you need to do is take a peek at our list of high-profile matches taking place each weekend. You then choose a home win, an away win or a draw for each match. The more you get right, the more likely you are to win money – and there's at least £120,000 up grabs every weekend.

There are two versions to have a go at – Footy 15 and Premier 10 – and they're both easier to play than tying your shoelaces...

Footy 15
Nominate results for 15 matches (hence the name – see what we did there?) which are mostly selected from the Premier League (or FA Cup) but can also include one or two games from the Championship, the SPL and the odd game from Spain or Italy. It's just £1 to play and you only need 11 out of 15 predictions correct to start winning money.

If you get 12, 13 or 14 right, you're looking at big money and, if you get all 15 right, you're in for a share of the jackpot – or the whole jackpot if you're the only winner from all players that week.

The minimum jackpot value is £100,000 but it rolls over if nobody gets all 15 – and it's already been as high as £300,000 this season.

Premier 10
Just the 10 Premier League (or FA Cup) fixtures each week – still only £1 to play, minimum jackpot is £20,000 and you need nine right to be in the money.

Open an account with the New Football Pools and you can earn £15 in free credits by spending just £5 playing their superb weekly football predictions games, Footy 15 and Premier 10. Even in the current age of bargains, this one is right up there.

There are some absolutely huge weekly prizes on offer - at least £120,000, but usually more. The games are great fun and only £1 each to play as you aim to predict the outcome of 10 or 15 matches every weekend.

You even get to try and beat Alan Hansen every week...

Click here to play Footy 15 & Premier 10 with 442

Terms and Conditions
£5 MUST BE SPENT ON Telegraph FOOTY 15 and/or PREMIER 10 BY March 31, 2009. ON RECEIPT, YOU THEN HAVE 14 DAYS TO SPEND YOUR FREE £15. Only one offer available per person. Your free game tokens to the value of £15 will be added to your account once all offer criteria has been met. Any other promotional codes or offers will not contribute to the required £5 initial cash spend. The game tokens cannot be withdrawn as cash, they must be spent on either Footy 15, and/or Premier 10, Only 1 token can be used per entry and the largest available token that do not exceed the stake will be used first. Any subsequent winnings using game tokens can be withdrawn. Prizes are shared if more than one winner.