Good Day, Bad Day: Benzema’s Big Night & Pathetico Atlético

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Good Day


Once again, not a great deal to say about a game that was over in 94 seconds, when Pedro scored his fifth goal in five consecutive league games. Marca and AS both grumbled that the Canary Islander’s opening was a “possible” offside, but neither had the trousers to fully claim another refereeing conspiracy in favour for the Catalan club - the same conspiracy perhaps that saw Barça awarded just their second spot-kick in 20 games.

Karim Benzema

Despite the endless stream of childish, uncalled for and downright mean jokes being thrown in the failing Frenchman’s direction, LLL feels quite sorry for the six million euro a year man. So it was pleasing to see the slightest of smiles stretching across Benzemas’s frowning face on Sunday after he scored the winner against Mallorca in a game that has the Madridista papers panicking a little simply because the opposition played extremely well. LLL would advise that this doesn’t always signify that Madrid were playing especially badly. Other sides are allowed to be good too.

But back onto the topic of Benzema, a second league goal of the striker should see the papers, blog - and naughty old Kaká - leaving him alone for a day or two with the pressure now on Ricardo Carvalho, who now faces the embarrassment of being overtaken by the Frenchman in the scoring charts should Benzema score next weekend.

Michael Laudrup’s Mallorca

A coach with who adopts the rather rare ‘if we’re going to lose anyway, let’s do it with our trousers pulled up to our nipples and saluting the flag’ approach to games at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Santi Cazorla

Like a ninja terrier, on Sunday night, to rob the ball off the Real Sociedad midfield on two occasions and feed it to Giuseppi Rossi for his brace. Villarreal are still without Nilmar but still going strong.

Unai Emery

Not that it would be possible to tell by watching him on the touchline, but the Valencia boss must really be enjoying himself at the moment after a series of late, late winners for his team keeps Valencia in the hunt for Champions League football, next season.

However, the home fans don’t appear to have learned their lessons of recent games by booing Unai and the players at half time when Valencia are not winning, but forgiving all at the end with the three points picked up.

Emery is out of contract at the end of the season, and LLL suggests the arm-flapping manager goes to a club where he’s appreciated a little more.


A side who used to be softer touches than a kitten wearing mittens away from home have now put together two wins on the road in a row with victories over Sevilla and most recently of all, Getafe. And as Espanyol’s season reaches even greater heights, so does José Callejón’s Vanilla Ice wedge. Admirable stuff on both counts.

Luis Fabiano

Transfer window closing in about a week so cue a handily-timed hat-trick from the permanently itchy - but not in a Dani Güiza way - Sevilla striker, Luis Fabiano in a 4-1 win at home to Levante.


The Argentinean striker brought in from second division Castellón over the summer is quite the talk of the town in Almería - mainly as there isn’t much else to discuss there - having grabbed his seventh league goal of the season to help beat Osasuna 3-2 with his sixth goal coming against Real Madrid in a 1-1 draw, last weekend.

Almería’s first home league victory of the current campaign continues a fine spell for the team with the players having seen off Deportivo in the Copa del Rey, on Wednesday. Unfortunately, that run may be cut violently short this week with the first leg of their Copa del Rey semi-final with Pep’s Dream Boys.


It was force of habit when LLL settled down for Sporting against Atlético Madrid that lead the blog to believe that the team in red, white and blue aimlessly punting the ball around the pitch weren’t Quique’s boys but the Asturian side instead.

Fortunately, one of those punts and some classic Atleti back line dithering gave Sporting a second home win in a row to move them out of the bottom three. Phew.


Did just enough to beat Levante and Deportivo in the past two games to give Javier Aguirre’s side six points from six, but there’s no evidence to show that they can regularly beat sides who have not paid for a footballer for three years or refuse to field strikers as in the cases of the club’s recent opposition.

Bad Day


A Scouse-like “calm down, calm down” seems in order in Málaga’s direction after a clumsy foul from Martín Demichelis (fancy that) and a temper tantrum by Helder Rosario saw the visitors to Valencia’s Mestalla down to nine men and with Manuel Pellegrini sent to the stands - not something that happens every day, to be fair.

When full time was blown on a wonderfully feisty encounter that ended 4-3 to Valencia thanks to Ariz Aduriz’ late effort, Málaga captain, Apoño, had to be ‘held back’ - but without needing that much effort to stop him really, in the style of closing time street brawls - from approaching Rubinos Pérez and giving him a piece of his tiny, tiny mind.

“Disgrace!” “He disrespected us!” whined the Málaga players after the match with even Manuel Pellegrini claiming that “it was the worst refereeing” he had seen in his time in the Spanish game.

Sergio Asenjo

Was it failing to come out for a cross properly to gift Valencia their third goal of the game that upset the Málaga goalkeeper so much or being told by referee, Rubinos Pérez, that Asenjo didn’t know how to come out for a cross properly that upset the on-loan Atleti man so much?


Levante coach, Luis García, was missing from the sidelines against Sevilla serving out the first of his two much touchline ban however García was still capable of blasting his players for “infantile errors” that now sees Levante having lost five league games in a row at bottom of the table where LLL expects the Valencia side to stay.


Back-to-back defeats for Getafe in the Coliseum over the past two weekends with seven goals conceded. Maybe the club are missing the injured Javier Arizmendi more than LLL thought?


AS reported that Miguel Angel Lotina went for a 5-3-1-1 formation against Zaragoza that was as defensive as a sexist Sky presenter, with the result that the club fired blanks in la Liga for the eleventh time in 20 games.

Atlético Madrid

As entertainingly pathetic as always. One of the best football poems LLL ever heard referred to the Arsenal trio of  “Parlour, Morrow, Hillier - have you heard of a midfield sillier.”

The blog is now trying to come up with something just a catchy with the names “Raúl García and Juanfran” thrown in.