Goodbye and good riddance Dunga

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Before Tuesday’s game against Argentina, I insisted that the Olympic semi-final was a win-win situation for us Brazilians.

If we beat our arch-rivals from the south, fantastic. The unbeaten run against them would go on – and it’s been a while since Brazil has dominated the clash, especially in decisive games.

On the flip side, if Argentina won, no one should cry for us. They would be doing Brazil a favour, by ending the misery of watching one of the Seleção’s worst ever squads and putting hapless coach Dunga out of his misery.

And, fortunately or unfortunately – only time will tell – option two came through after an implacable 3-0 Argentina win in Beijing.

Riquelme sinks final nail into Dunga's coffin 

It was a walk in the Olympic park for Aguero, Messi and Co. The hermanos always looked more incisive, while the Brazilians, stifled by their coach’s policy, worried exclusively about defending.

The Seleção only decided to attack when they were two goals down. And by then it was too late. It wasn't too late, however, to send the Olympic spirit to hell and go manhunting the Argentinians. Foul! Foul! Foul! And yet Argentina, despite their thirst for revenge, maintained fair play to the end.

It was such an upside-down situation that two Brazilian players were sent off for fouling Javier Mascherano. I repeat: Javier Mascherano!

And so ended Brazil’s dream in Beijing. But if the Olympic gold is history, so too is Dunga. Back home, he was single-handedly blamed for the China fiasco – and thoroughly deserved, I should add.

Most of the country’s newspapers hit the stands with blood-dripping headlines. “Scrap iron coach can only get the bronze,” wrote Extra, while O Globo went further, running a Dunga’s Seleção obituary on the sports page.

O Globo: The morning after the night before 

It reads: “Brazilian football, five-times world champion, announces the death of coach Dunga’s Seleção in Beijing, China. The 7th day Mass will take place on Friday at the Shanghai Stadium. Please don’t send flowers.”

Dunga still holds the position, but not for long. The worst coach ever to stick his behind on Brazil’s hot seat is a dead man walking.

Palmeiras gaffer Vanderlei Luxemburgo, favourite of the Brazilian Confederation president Ricardo Teixeira, has reportedly already been contacted.

Luxemburgo is the top coach in Brazil – only Scolari can match him – but to be honest, anyone is better than Dunga.