La Liga clubs up in arms as Primera matches set for midnight kick-offs

Not too long ago, La Liga Loca chewed on the bold notion that those running the game in Spain were boosting its popularity around the world by introducing professional wrestling style shenanigans into the la Liga rulebook to liven things up a bit.

That was the only conclusion the blog could draw from the decision to allow José Mourinho to escape completely unpunished for his eye-rummaging antics on âÂÂPitoâ Vilanova during last seasonâÂÂs Spanish Super Cup.

The-Powers-that-Be of la Liga have pushed the boat out even further to sell the game to the non-Spanish audiences, by scheduling matches in August at 11oâÂÂclock at night, the highlight of their genius being Zaragoza against Valladolid finishing at about one in the morning on Tuesday 21st August.

Marca suspect itâÂÂs all a cunning plan to encourage supporters into the grounds during tough economic times by combining it with the nightclubbing experience, thus allowing Primera punters to kill two fun-time birds with one stone and save some bucks in the process. Discussing the disbelieving reactions to the announcements made by the Spanish League on Wednesday, Marca muses that many âÂÂbelieve football to be a sport to be played - and seen - at decent hours and not as if it were a show with a DJ included.âÂÂ

This complete lunacy stems from the decision was made to begin la Primera in the middle of August, a good two weeks earlier than normal, when it is far too hot and when nearly everyone in the country is on holiday, and thus not around to sit and watch games past midnight on a work-night.

Therefore the logical decision made in regards to the heat was not to rethink the whole concept and start a fortnight later, but play the matches in the middle of the night - brilliant logic, to be fair. Although the 20 clubs on la Liga fail to agree on much, especially in terms of TV rights, almost everyone is fed-up with the decision that has been made - aside from Real Madrid and Barcelona, perhaps, who will be kicking off their matches on the first weekend at 19.00 and 21.00 respectively.

Málaga supporters wonâÂÂt really give a flying fig about that as they have bigger fish to fry in regards to the very gloomy immediate future for the club. The owners have apparently gone AWOL, leaving no-one with a clue what's happening. âÂÂThereâÂÂs a lot of uncertainty as we know the same as anyone else, nothingâ admitted defender, Weligton, returning from a tour of Venezuela.

There was talk of a possible strike by the playing staff, but for the moment the footballers are continuing to train with forward, Rondón, saying; âÂÂweâÂÂve decided not to stop as there are 17 days left before the start of the season.âÂÂ

ItâÂÂs a beginning to what was supposed to be an exciting campaign that Málaga will be facing without Santi Cazorla who is set to sign for Arsenal any second now, to seal a couple of days that has not seen Spanish football in its best light.

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