Madrid and Barca press both claim victory as Neymar commits to Santos

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A Mohican-sporting young punk renewing a contract with his club in Brazil shouldn’t really be moving any mountains in Spain, but that’s what’s happening on Wednesday, with 'Real Madrid starlet' Neymar hitting the headlines and causing a right old stir in the Spanish capital.

Technically speaking, it’s Santos starlet Neymar who is talk of the town, though if all the Madrid media's headlines of the previous four months were to be believed, it was merely a matter of time before Florentino Pérez would be unveiling his ‘anti-Messi’ - whether José Mourinho wanted the striker or not.

Images of Neymar surrounded by four portly gentleman (who are no doubt all set to make a lot of money out of the forward) were headline stuff for Spain’s TV channels on Tuesday evening, with the Brazilian having renewed his club contract with Santos until 2014, most likely scuppering any plans Real Madrid - or indeed, Barcelona may have had to bag the forward for a wee while.

Marca’s unique interpretation of the renewal is that Neymar is infact doing a favour to Santos president Luis Alvaro de Oliveira, who faces an election on 2 December, with the paper latching onto an admission from Neymar during the press conference that “nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.”

Neymar's game of peek-a-boo with Real Madrid is over...for now

The paper’s rivals, AS, have all but given up on Neymar coming to Madrid, but claim that the setback is for economic reasons, with the Brazilian league now having just as much economic pulling power as Europe. “The problem is that it is no longer so easy to get players from Brazil as it has been up to now,” claims AS editor Alfredo Relaño.

Meadwhile, Mad Tomás Roncero believes Madrid have dodged a bullet, writing that, although Neymar and the footballer’s many sponsors were a target for the club president, the love for the signing was not widespread around Mordor. “Neymar was not a desired signing for Madridismo,” says the AS man. “Paying €60 million for an adolescent who could just as easily end up a fiasco as a star seems madness.”

The dailies over in the Catalan capital have spun Neymar’s contract renewal as both a huge defeat for Pérez and a great victory for Sandro Rosell. But this kind of reporting should come as no surprise. As recently as earlier this week, Sport reported the latest quotes from Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s upcoming book, but somehow managed to omit the Swedish maverick's claims that “Guardiola in not capable of managing strong personalities.” A simple editorial error, LLL is sure.

“Neymar waits for Barça” reveals the same newspaper, boasting that “Rosell manages his objective of blocking the move to Madrid and winning time to negotiate,” through using the Barça president’s contacts and influence in Brazil’s football world.

Joan Batlle chuckles that “Florentino won’t be able to present Neymar in January and if this year there’s no title either, he will be without umbrellas...and be careful as the storm would be huge.”

If that’s the case, then LLL suggests that Rihanna might be a more useful winter window signing than the wet-behind-the-ears Brazilian...

NEWS Neymar to stay at Santos until 2014