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No, it's not the end of Roberto Mancini's reign, but the official announcement of a tie-up with popular cloth-floggers Hugo Boss. Cue a photo-opportunity that evidently doesn't, erm, suit every player as much as it does the urbane Mancini.

(See a larger version here)

A few questions:

  • Who decided to park new boy Richard Wright behind the bemohican'd bonce of Balotelli?
  • Why is Wright stood next to Bill Murray?
  • Did James Milner check a mirror before the picture?
  • Did Nigel de Jong fly back from Italy for the pic, or have City been sat on this for a while?
  • Have footballers abandoned the once-prevalent fat tie-knot, or did a Boss bod go round tightening their ties like fussy mums on the first day of school?
  • And exactly how big is David Platt's head?