Mourinho gives history lesson as Barca sense injustice

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A Catalan columnist of a more reasonable bent may have reflected on last night’s defeat against Inter and some of the refereeing decisions that seemed to go against the coach-crazy visitors and give a wry chuckle, recalling the lorry load of luck Barça had in Stamford Bridge, last year.

Unfortunately, as everyone working for both of Barcelona’s sports dailies are myopic, amoeba-brained, certifiable loon bags down to the tiniest proton of their personas, the only mention of the word “Chelsea” and the notion of getting away with blue flippin’ murder came from José Mourinho, after his team’s impressive 3-1 Champions League win, on Tuesday night.

Speaking after what was an unexpectedly enticing encounter, Sky TV’s Portuguese Man o’Phwaaar was asked what had happened during a post match exchange of opinions between himself and Xavi, in the tunnel.

Mourinho explained that he had felt something tugging at his trouser leg and looked down to discover an irate midfielder squeaking as loudly as his little lungs would allow about how badly Barça had been treated by the man in the middle - namely the non-penalty of diving Dani Alves and Diego Milito’s offside-by-a-weasel’s-wimple goal.

"Translate that!"

“He’s one of the best and I love him,” explained the Inter boss. “All I did was remind him of what happened in London, last year.”

But Real Madrid’s manager-to-be was a lone voice in a wilderness of bluster and baloney with Mundo Deportivo blasting the headline of “Armed Robbery!” on the front cover.

“The referee didn’t want to see three penalties in the Inter area,” hand-flapped the match report causing the blog to recall what others there were aside from the dramatic tumble and ‘this may need an amputation’ leg clutch from Dani Alves.

Inside, Santi Nolla was most upset indeed with referee, Olegário Benquerença, calling his performance “scandalous.”

Xavi was furious with the refer....wait a second

But that was considerably more tempered than Josep Maria Casanovas, writing in rival rag, Mundo Deportivo, who summed up the match as “an Italian robbery by a Portuguese ref who they say is a friend of Mourinho,” to possibly attract a libel action in the process, LLL would guess.

His paper’s headline on Wednesday of “An Italian Theft” stands in stark contrast to the headline just over a year ago on May 7th 2009 after Barcelona’s own piece of Dickensian pick-pocketing which screamed “Toma! Toma! Toma!” - which basically means, “Have that Chelsea!”

The attitude of being the victim of a Madoff-sized fraud was shared by the Spanish TV commentary team on the night who whooped the Barcelona goal to a man and then watched perplexed as the referee refused to reward the Catalan side’s theatrics with a string of free-kicks. “The referee is giving nothing to Barça!” huffed the lead commentator.

It is mad, mad, mad world if one has to turn to José Mourinho for a bit of sense. But that’s what LLL is going to do with his observation that “Barcelona is a team that is used to winning that sometimes doesn’t know how to behave when they lose.”

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