Steven Fletcher: Talentspotter

Sunderland and Scotland striker Steven Fletcher talks to FourFourTwo back in October 2006, when he was with Hibs. We don't recommend trusting him with your car...

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Just Fletch – not after the Chevy Chase film, no, because it's my surname.

Team supported
Liverpool: my dad's from there and he was in the army so we moved about all over the place, so that's why I picked them.

Scoring goals and I'm quite good in the air, or so the boys tell me.

My strength: the gaffer's always on at me to get in the gym and build myself. That's the big difference between youth and senior football and if I want to make the step up, I've got to get bigger. We're quite a young team at Hibs and lots of the lads are quite small, I'm one of the biggest, believe it or not.

As a Liverpool fan, Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen. I'd like to say I play a bit like them, but at the moment I think I'd be kidding myself. Maybe one day though.

Breaking into the Hibernian team and getting into the Scotland youth team – plus all the goals I scored last season.

Last season's Scottish Cup semi-final was pretty tough to take – losing 4-0 to Hearts was a real sickener. And I never like being told I'm on the bench.

Toughest opponent
I don't really want to single anybody out as I'll probably have a nightmare against somebody else next season, but probably Bobo Balde at Celtic – you can't keep the ball away from him.

Biggest influence
Hibs manager Tony Mowbray and my mam. She's always on at me to improve and work on my game.

Best advice given
You have to work hard; if you keep doing that, goals will be there for you. You have to believe that you'll get your rewards.

Best player played with
Derek Riordan and Garry O'Connor, my strike partners at Hibs. I learnt a lot from playing with them. They made me a better player.

Club joker
Scotty Brown. He's always at it. He's the biggest kid you'll ever meet; he's just clowning around all the time.

Mercedes convertible – I just fancied it as soon as I passed my test. It's my first car and it's black – make sure you get that in.

Keira Knightley. I saw her new Pirates of the Caribbean film recently so it's got to be her.

We were talking about this last night... Scarface. It has to be.

I've just been to Ayia Napa with my missus, but my best holiday was when I went to Benidorm with my mates [FFT: Your missus won't like that...] She'll never find out! The lads will slate me if I don't say them.

What's on your iPod?
Just dance music and R'n'B, nothing too exciting.

TV programmes
Big Brother. It's brilliant. I like the arguing and the fighting. They're all mad in this one, just mental.

Tell us something we don't know about you
I'm a great table tennis player.

With my first pay packet I bought...
A watch, I think. Armani, it was – beautiful.

If I hadn't been a footballer...
I've have joined the army like my dad; all my cousins are in it as well and I spent a week there for work experience at school and it was a really good laugh. I think I'd have liked it.

Describe yourself in five words
Dedicated, committed, tall and handsome.

School report
Not great, to be honest, I think I failed half my exams. I always thought I'd be a footballer, although my teachers didn't – they must have given up on me. I was never interested in school, really; I just wanted to focus on the football.

Most embarrassing moment
I crashed my Mercedes into the kit bus at Hibs. The kit man was coming one way and I never saw him and went straight into him. I got loads of stick for ages for that from the lads, and I did a lot of damage to my car – it was in the garage for about two months. I had to drive a Corsa as a courtesy car in the meantime, which wasn't great.

If I could have one superpower...
Be invisible, definitely. You could get up to all sorts.

What would you spend your last tenner on?
I'd rather put it on a horse than stick it in the bank... actually, I'd put it on black and hope for the best.

In five years I'll be...
Scoring goals in the Premiership for Liverpool. That's where I want to be.

Interview: Andrew Haslam. From the October 2006 issue of FourFourTwo.