Turan: I've always admired Gerrard - I have a soft spot for Liverpool

What do you think the recent success of Atletico Madrid is down to?
Firstly, we are not a team of individuals. We are a collective group of hard-working players who always want the best for the team. We battle for every ball during every minute of each match and you can see even in training matches that nobody wants to lose. We have a great team spirit, like a family, and the secret to the club's success is down to everybody working for each other.

Atletico’s defence is extremely well organised - what do you work on in training to be so good when you’re not in possession?
Training involves a lot of tactical work. We are always trying to work hard to ensure that we are improving as a team. Our basis is to prevent teams from scoring and a lot of our training exercises involve trying to stop the ball getting through the midfield and defence.

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