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Manchester United
13 July 2017
A close title battle between Arsenal and Man United was reflected in the strikers who topped the scoring charts. But can you recall all 20 players to hit double figures? 
Wayne Rooney
13 July 2017
Rooney has opened his goalscoring account on his Toffees return with a fine, long-range strike.
13 July 2017
From turning your friends against you to blowing the budget on Ultimate Team, Fraser Gilbert on the seven symptoms of being addicted to FIFA
Gary Lineker
13 July 2017
Can a moniker make or break a career? How did Mighty Mouse become the father of all German Kevins? Huw Davies uncovers the game’s bizarre and at times baffling nomenclature
13 July 2017
The Scottish Premiership club took on a wall of kids - and they lost.
Antoine Griezmann
13 July 2017
The 26-year-old has caused a stir on social media with his new locks.
13 July 2017
The newly-promoted Championship club have teamed up with Vue Cinemas to offer a "cinematic match day experience"
Michael Carrick
13 July 2017
Michael Carrick is Man United's most decorated player but, Scott Patterson argues, there's little benefit to him wearing the captain's armband
13 July 2017
The Manchester City striker sends England through to the final in real style.
12 July 2017
The Eagles' 1992 summer tour was hailed as pioneering, but it was far from plain sailing...


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