Lionel Messi
30 March 2017
"The ratios of powers shifted a long time ago, and now the game is here, stuck at a point where any retaliation against player behaviour seems unorthodox and wrong" But how did it come to this? 
29 March 2017
Stop getting your knickers in a twist – you literally can't argue with mathematics. Here's how it works
1 February 2017
US President Donald Trump has wasted little time implementing some of his more controversial election promises, including a travel ban aimed at certain countries. How could it impact football? Scott McIntyre explores the issues...
Bernard Tapie, Marseille
25 January 2017
In part one of a new series, Scott McIntyre has sifted through football's sordid past to unearth some of the stories that continue to leave scars on the world game
10 January 2017
The subantarctic island is now eyeing 2026 glory, Back of the Net can reveal
2 September 2016
Forget Jose Mourinho vs Pep Guardiola next season. PES vs FIFA is set to be the defining battle of 2016-17 – and Ben Wilson has played them both…
2 September 2016
EA Sports have released the vital stats of the top footballers in FIFA 17. Here are the men that you need to sign in your Career Mode team…
16 August 2016
Joao Havelange’s unseating of Sir Stanley Rous as FIFA President in 1974 precipitated a period of politics, pound signs and power struggles
10 June 2016
Ben Wilson recalls five summer spin-offs that helped us survive any end-of-season woes…
Press Association
26 February 2016
FIFA’s nightmare may not be over yet, but it may be leaving the darkness behind, James Corbett writes from Zurich...


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