2 March 2008
"The introduction of a winter break would have an enormously positive effect in this country."
31 January 2008
"The great history of this shirt makes wearing it feel even better”
8 December 2007
"Jamie Carragher? I can just about understand him myself, so I don’t know what it’s like for Liverpool’s foreign players..."
1 October 2007
"I spent so much time with the United physio that he was setting me homework"
1 September 2007
"He’s not done it for as long as the rest of my team, but you’re a fool if you don’t think he will continue on the up."
1 July 2007
"I'd greet Jordi Cruyff with ‘Dos San Miguels you dago b*****d’..."
"I thought the alarm clock was an oncoming car. I punched it to bits"
1 May 2007
"There was a comic called Sparky, it rhymed with Mark, so I picked that. It wasn’t because I was a frustrated electrician or anything..."
1 May 2007
Can FFT's Andy Mitten, diehard Red Devil, survive behind enemy lines?
1 March 2007
"Madrid felt Liverpool weren’t matching their valuation of me and I thought it would be good to go to Newcastle"


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