Bayern do not bow to economic force - Hoeness

Bayern Munich are unlike any other big club in Europe and do not "bow to economic force", according to president Uli Hoeness.

The 64-year-old was forced to step down from the position in 2014 when he served jail time for tax evasion, but he remained a popular figure at Bayern and was re-elected last month.

While the likes of Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and Manchester City are bankrolled by billionaire owners, Hoeness is proud of the structure at Bayern and wants to help retain it during his tenure.

"Bayern is something completely different compared to the other big clubs in Europe, which have become real big money machines and bow to the economic force. Money is important of course but we should stay as this different football club," Hoeness told Bild.

"I guess that I will have to bring back many things I've already done before [to the role of president]. I have to be very emotional and help to set the club apart from the others.

"I feel very relieved as I was quite nervous during the weeks before the election. But after that I was very happy not only about the election result but also about the way people have been cheering and absorbing me into the Bayern family again."

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