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Bolton set for March court date following HMRC winding-up petition

Bolton will appear in court next month to face a winding-up petition issued by HM Revenue and Customs.

The hearing is scheduled to be held in the High Court on the morning of March 20.

Meanwhile, Bolton chairman Ken Anderson is looking to sell the club and claims discussions are ongoing with “several” consortia.

But in an update on Bolton’s official website, he warned some rumours of potential investors were “pure fiction”.

He said: “During my three years at the club, I have always endeavoured to do my best and to be open and transparent with you the supporters and, as I have said on several occasions, when there is something to say you will be the first to know.

“Accordingly, I will try and separate fact from fiction in respect of some of the recent posts on social media platforms and in the media.

“First and foremost, l will never disclose the identity of any of the prospective buyers as Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) usually prevent this and rightly so.

“As far as l am aware, the comments about a Turkish buyer are pure fiction and to the best of my knowledge are yet more speculation that seems to have been generated by the media. There have also been various other postings about a north-west consortium backed by Russian money. Again, this is pure fiction.

“The facts are that there is a consortium with which heads of terms were agreed and discussions are ongoing. There has, over the last week or so, been further interest from several other consortiums who have all signed NDAs and discussions are also ongoing with them.”