Burning questions concerning the European Super League answered

Chelsea v Real Madrid – UEFA Champions League – Semi Final – Second Leg – Stamford Bridge
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Nine of the original 12 clubs who publicly signed up to the aborted European Super League have publicly committed to existing structure and agreed to significant financial sanctions in a bid to draw the line under the incident.

But what is behind their collective move, and what happens to the three clubs that are still yet to renounce the quickly-aborted format?

Here, the PA news agency sifts through the pertinent questions.

What have the clubs promised and why?

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The clubs concerned have issued a ‘Club Commitment Declaration’, which ostensibly ties them to existing international and national club competitions. In return, they will get to rejoin the influential European Clubs Association, and thus potentially be able to play a significant part in re-shaping UEFA competitions from within.

Have they got away with it?

Scarves from the 'big six' English teams

The nine clubs face huge fines if they endeavour to join unsanctioned competitions in the future (John Walton/PA)

Not quite. The nine clubs concerned have also committed to a combined £3million ‘goodwill contribution’ to the children’s and grass-roots games, and will have five per cent of revenues from UEFA competitions withheld for one season, as well as facing huge fines if they endeavour to join unsanctioned competitions in the future.

What has the Football Association had to say?

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The FA has launched an inquiry and will consider the “appropriate steps” at the end of the process. Meanwhile, the Premier League has launched an ‘owners’ charter’ which will require owners of member clubs to sign up a series of ‘core principles’ which effectively preclude them from considering any future breakaways.

What about the other three?

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Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have not yet renounced the European Super League plan and are set to face significant sanctions from UEFA as a result. The European game’s governing body has so far refused to be drawn on what those sanctions might entail, but there is talk of the clubs involved being handed two-year bans from continental competition.

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