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Campbell urges clubs to give black managers a chance

Former England international Sol Campbell says race should never be a factor when a club appoints a manager.

The 41-year-old has condemned the lack of black managers in English football on more than one occasion and has again urged clubs to promote diversity.

"I think … you need someone who's going to come in and absolutely blow [everyone] away when he gets a job," Campbell told Omnisport.

"It's all about the selection process and people being relaxed. Forget the colour - if he's good at his job [and] you want to give him a chance, give him a chance - why not?

"Either you do really well or you get sacked, but that happens to others. Some people are going to go up, some are going to go down, forget the colour, just employ them."

Campbell is keen to make his way into management, but would prefer to take one step at a time and slowly build a successful career.

"I'm completing my coaching badges now. I've got a month to go. It's taken three and a half years and it's been a fantastic journey, I've learnt a hell of a lot.

"Let's see what happens, I'll probably look for a couple of days [with a club] somewhere and build up [experience] and see how I feel. I've got a lot to offer. Let's see what happens, I've worked three and a half years and it's not worth doing that if you don't go for it.  

"I don't want to crash and burn, [I want to] build slowly. I'm a builder and I build things to last. It's different as a manager because as a player you build your career but as a manager in your first year you've got to be lucky."