Capello: English teams more physical than Italians

MILAN - English teams have again dominated Italian sides in the Champions League because their players are more physical and their domestic matches flow better, according to England coach Fabio Capello.

Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal eliminated Inter Milan, Juventus and AS Roma respectively in the last 16 in midweek after Premier League clubs had also outwitted Serie A's finest last season.

"They (English teams) are used to a more physical game," Italian Capello told Rai television in a programme due to be aired on Saturday. "Our teams in this respect are lacking compared to the English.

"There is another problem, there are so many interruptions in the Italian league and very often tricks like throwing yourself to the floor ... get rewarded.

"The referees in this sense should let the game flow more. This is another problem compared to British football where the rhythm is quicker and more fluid," added Capello.

The former AC Milan, Juventus and Roma coach, who has led England to four World Cup qualifying wins out of four, said Italy's failed bid to host Euro 2012 and their renewed effort for the finals four years later may help Serie A off the field.

"The stadiums are very old and not very comfortable. There is the chance to improve but there needs to be a real will to do it," said Capello.

"They (Italian football authorities) said there would be no more banners and flares in stadiums and yet (they haven't banned them)."