Clubless Kewell won't turn back on Socceroos

Without a club just over six weeks before Australia play their next 2014 World Cup qualifier, Harry Kewell has promised he will be ready to answer his country's call.

The former Liverpool and Leeds United forward has yet to receive a solid offer after quitting Melbourne Victory a year into his contract and targeting a return to England.

"It's very difficult," Kewell told Australia's Daily Telegraph on Sunday. "I'm twiddling my thumbs. I'm working and training but don't know what I'm doing.

"I'd love to be playing back in England to get a feel for that again," added Kewell, who has been linked with clubs such as Blackburn Rovers, Middlesbrough and Swindon Town.

"It's just a waiting game and it's frustrating," said the 33-year-old former Galatasaray playmaker, known as much for his litany of injuries than prolific ability.

"That's my biggest problem because no one, especially in England, has seen me for four years because I've been away. When I left England I had a bad name because of all my injuries.

"But in the last four years that I have played in Galatasaray and Melbourne, I've played all the games."

Kewell was recently named Australia's greatest footballer and he promised he would not turn his back on the green and gold.

"I'm available as long as the manager wants me and as long as I'm good enough to play for Australia," he said, calling the decision to relocate "a family thing."

Kewell added: "I've had a great career [and] they always allowed me to go off and play in Turkey and in Australia and different parts of the world.

"Now I think it's time for me to let my family settle and see if I can get a club that fits around that."

Kewell, who moved to England when he was 15 and is married to an English actress, scored eight goals in his first season in the A-League and had been expected to sign another deal.