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Conte wants Chelsea stars to share his passion

Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte is hoping to improve the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge for players and fans alike with his infectious passion ahead of the new season.

Conte received plenty of attention from the media for his colourful touchline antics when in charge of Italy at Euro 2016.

The former Juventus boss wants to see that same intense passion in his squad as they look to rebound from a poor Premier League title defence last season and recently spoke of how he lost his voice in pre-season as he tries to instil his style of play at Stamford Bridge.

But Conte is also keen to keep his emotions in check, stating that some tough love from his father during his early playing days has helped him learn to strike the right balance between criticism and positivity.

"He [Conte's father] was very tough - and especially with me. He wouldn't shout at the other kids. He would just shout at me," Conte told a news conference.

"I will try to transfer my passion on to the players.

"I want to see them with the passion that I have. I think that I will have a very intensive relationship with my players, but it takes time - we need to get to know each other first.

"That is very important. When you start a job, you are at the beginning of the season and you have only worked with the players for two weeks. You must use the time to get to know them and for them to know you.

"I love to create a link with my team, that's what I want. I want to see the players with great passion.

"For me, it's not right to get angry, but I always have an intensive relationship with my players.

"If the players have the passion, then it transfers to their team-mates and the fans, and you create a great atmosphere."