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Dani Alves opens up about Ronaldo feud

Dani Alves has insisted he does not have any problem with Cristiano Ronaldo and was unfazed by the Real Madrid star's refusal to speak to him during the FIFA Ballon d'Or ceremony in Zurich back in January.

Ronaldo did not want to speak to Alves after critical comments from the Barcelona defender, but the Brazilian has made it clear he was misinterpreted and never badmouthed the Madrid attacker.

"I wasn't angry with Cristiano, they manipulated what I said. He thought I was speaking about him and I don't need to speak about him," Dani Alves told Onda Cero.

"I've never spoken of him personally. I spoke about him as a personality, like I might do with Neymar, because they're public personalities. Don't be mistaken, I don't need to speak about him. What happened is they manipulated it and he got angry with me.

"In Zurich I went to say hello out of good manners, but he didn't want to speak. He was angry, but it's not a problem. I sleep like a baby, I couldn't care less.

"He asked me why I spoke about him and I told him I wasn't speaking about him. They asked me, and when you're a celebrity, these things can happen.

"Why would I need to speak about him if I don't know him? I can only give my opinion on football. I hope he's getting on with his life and he's happy."