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EPFL critical of task force proposal for 2022

The task force's proposal was put forward on Tuesday after a six-month consultation process, which followed fears over the health risks of staging the event in the Arab country's summer months, when temperatures reach around 40 degrees centigrade.

With a switch of dates likely cause considerable disruption to domestic competitions across Europe, the EPFL – who represent the major leagues across the continent – has condemned the decision and the impact it would have.

"The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) and the clubs have expressed their disagreement with respect to this proposal which will perturb and cause great damage to the normal running of the European domestic competitions," it said in a statement.

"Leagues and clubs have reiterated, once again, their joint solution for holding the World Cup during the month of May. This proposal has been structured on a fact-based study which is totally acceptable from the meteorological point of view by providing reasonable climatic conditions with regard to both players and fans."

However, UEFA – Europe's governing body – backed FIFA's recommendation to move the tournament to final two months of 2022.

The final decision is expected to be confirmed at the next meeting of FIFA's executive committee, which will take place in Zurich on March 19 and 20.