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Florida Cup: Galo Doido and Marques invade an Orlando Magic game

If Galo is known to dominate its opponent in home matches at Horto, Belo Horizonte, what happens when it 'invades' a court like Orlando Magic's Amway Center on a NBA game? Galo Doido and Atletico legend Marques gave us the answer, as both took part in yet another Florida Cup event on Saturday night, during halftime between the Magic vs. Wizards matchup.

While the mascot entertained the audience in attendance, Marques represented the club in a free throw challenge. Among other "ambassadors" - Fluminense's Diego Cavalieri, Internacional's Alisson, Bayer Leverkusen's Stefan Kiessling and others - the former Atletico striker didn't let the fans down.

(Credit: Bruno Cantini/Divulgação Atlético-MG)

His low stature didn't stop Galo's ambassador from showing his skills among some of the world's greatest basketball players like John Wall and Victor Oladipo, as he stuffed the nets, only this time they were on hoops.

"Out there on the court, my basketball was far from convincing", Marques joked. "Even though I scored some, it's complicated for someone with my size, to change feet for hands, to put on basketball instead of soccer shoes."

"Unique and unforgettable experience"

Galo's all-time idol described his Amway Center experience as being "unique and unforgettable." 

"Galo Doido lifted up the whole arena. The American people [were] able to meet our mascot, the club, it was an incredible party", he said.

(Credit: Flórida Cup/Divulgação)

On Monday, the Galo players and staff will arrive in Fort Lauderdale, in Miami's outskirts, to play in the Florida Cup and continue preseason preparations.