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Give Pogba more time, says Del Piero

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero has called for patience towards Paul Pogba, following the Frenchman's slow start to the season.

Pogba has struggled for form since taking over the iconic number 10 shirt in Turin at the start of the campaign, and this has coincided with the Serie A champion's worst domestic start in over 30 years.

However, Del Piero believes supporters must give Pogba longer to mature into his role.

"Today it [the no. 10 shirt] is being worn by a very young and very talented player who half of Europe want to sign," the 40-year-old said. 

"Let's give him time to learn, to make mistakes and to grow."

Del Piero - the 2006 World Cup winner - also refused to rule out a playing comeback, despite last appearing in an official match in December 2014.

"I've never said [that I am definitely retired]. Football is my passion but there has to be a time when you officially say it is time to stop," he added. "Who knows what will happen.

"I'm going through a period of reflection at the moment. I will always live my life through football, even if I end up doing something else and I'll never fully turn my back on it."