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Gomis collapse 'very difficult' on Muamba

Muamba, playing for Bolton at the time, fell to the ground at the London venue during an FA Cup quarter-final with Tottenham in March 2012.

The Congolese midfielder suffered a cardiac arrest, and his heart stopped for one hour, 18 minutes.

Now retired, Muamba, 26, said Gomis' scare playing for Swansea against Spurs brought back the memories of his near-death experience.

"I was busy trying to concentrate on my uni work - that takes priority nowadays - but I heard about Gomis through social media," Muamba told the Daily Express.

"You are not sure of the full details but you can put two and two together and then it came out that he collapsed when no one was around him and, when I saw that it was White Hart Lane, I thought, 'Oh no, not that place again'.

"I tried to put all that to one side and just carry on with my work but it was very difficult."

Muamba explained Gomis' episode was more predictable than his own, given the latter's medical history.

"It's very different to what happened to me. Bafetimbi Gomis has a history of medical issues," Muamba continued.

"I did not have a history, so it was a real surprise when it happened to me.

"But it would not have been a surprise to the medical staff there dealing with him because it was not the first time it had happened.  

"With me, no one could understand it.

"But he would have been in excellent hands with the medics, who would have done an excellent job of looking after him."

Gomis was stretchered off White Hart Lane and was given an oxygen mask, but the Frenchman has assured fans he is OK - crediting stress over his father's health as one cause for the incident.