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Grealish can handle close attention, says Sherwood

Tim Sherwood is confident Aston Villa youngster Jack Grealish will not hide away despite the close attention of Premier League midfielders.

Grealish has established himself in the first team at Villa Park since the arrival of Sherwood in February, and has helped steer them clear of relegation trouble.

The 19-year-old's rise to prominence has made him a target for opposition players as they look to stop Villa's supply line to Christian Benteke, but Sherwood expects Grealish to shine rather than hide.

"I've never seen someone get kicked so much in training," he told the Birmingham Mail. "He almost likes it. No-one likes getting hurt but he loves bodies around him.

"He doesn't roll around on the floor - he's almost a little bit too honest. Maybe it's the British in him.

"You give the ball to him in a tight area, but he finds a pass out.

"That's something I always work on [in training] because it then allows us to double up down the side.

"He's certainly doing something right and he just has to continue what he's doing."