"He needs to go!" Tony Adams is making Strictly Come Dancing fans fume on social media

BBC Tony Adams Strictly Come Dancing
Credit: BBC (Image credit: BBC)

Tony Adams is currently tearing up the Strictly Come Dancing dancefloor with his dance partner Katya Jones, but some fans of the show have been left less than impressed.

He joins former footballers Peter Schmeichel, David James, Alex Scott, Robbie Savage and Peter Shilton who have also appeared on the show, transitioning their (mostly) stiff on-pitch displays to the dancefloor - three of them are goalkeepers, after all. 

An old fashioned centre-back by trade, Adams has performed the Samba, Tango and Cha Cha Cha on the way to his eighth week in the competition, and, with the backing of Arsenal fans, it doesn't seem likely his time will come to an end anytime soon either. 

Indeed, football fans have seemingly hijacked the voting, though, with Adams flying through week after week despite being placed towards the bottom of the voting leaderboard by the judges since the first week of dancing on the show. 

That bit isn't too surprising, considering Adams was a no-nonsense defender known for heading and kicking it as far away from the Arsenal and England goal as possible, but he's performing better than any of us in the FourFourTwo office could ever imagine, at least.

However, some fans are at their wits end with him - and FFT really can't understand why. After all, have you ever seen Terry Butcher or Stuart Pearce move as graciously as Tony before? Thought not. 

Regardless, some Strictly fans have still taken umbrage with Adams on social media.

Twitter user @justanotheralec commented (opens in new tab): "Time for the Arsenal supporters to go back to watching football and stop putting Tony through - it’s a DANCING competition and he is by far the worst ‘dancer’."

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Meanwhile, @rebecca_b_g said (opens in new tab): "Ridiculous! He needs to go! Can't keep sacrificing good dancers to keep him in! It's fun for a few weeks but he needs to go!"

As expected, though, Arsenal fans and football fans in general have been revelling in seeing Adams progress through the weeks of Strictly Come Dancing, clearly doing everything in their power to watch the heroic captain perform the Waltz or maybe even a ballroom-style effort. 

One Twitter user @OliStone_97 tweeted (opens in new tab): "The Arsenal family strikes again. Just so you all know my 3 votes next week are already with Tony and the week after and so on… MY CAPTAIN!"

The only thing we're waiting on now is for Tony to two-foot a judge for giving him a low score. 

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