Japan chief slams manager for endorsing diving

TOKYO- Japan's football chief has called Urawa Reds manager Volker Finke unfit to coach after the German reprimanded a player for not diving to win a penalty.

"He's not qualified to be a manager," Japan Football Association (JFA) president Motoaki Inukai was quoted as saying in Tuesday's Japanese media.

"It's unbelievable he said that. It's hopeless. Is that how low we have sunk?"

Inukai's comments were in response to Finke's criticism of striker Sergio Escudero for not going down under a challenge in the penalty box during Urawa's 2-1 defeat to Hiroshima on Saturday.

Finke fumed: "That's what I'm the most angry about - him getting fouled and not falling down. I'll give him a fair play medal."

Inukai was unimpressed with the German's sarcasm.

"He should be teaching players more than just 'fall down!' Urawa's front office needs to tell him he's wrong," said Inukai. "It's awful luck for the players to get a coach like this."

Finke has come under fire from Urawa fans and players this season. Urawa were J-League champions in 2006 and won the Asian Champions League in 2007.

But Japan's best-supported side are 16 points off the pace after losing their sixth straight game at Hiroshima, leaving the 61-year-old Finke's job in the balance.