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Luis Enrique: Smaller Spanish clubs unlikely to match Leicester

Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique does not think the exploits of Leicester City are likely to be repeated by a lower-ranked club in La Liga.

Claudio Ranieri's side, who were tipped as relegation candidates ahead of the 2015-16 season, are shock leaders of the Premier League with a five-point lead over Tottenham with just nine matches to play.

But Luis Enrique does not think the stronghold of Atletico Madrid, Barca and Real Madrid – teams who have won the last 11 titles - is under threat in Spain.

He feels the quality of the big three in La Liga and the difference in how television money is allocated in the two nations gives Spanish sides too much to do.

"I don't know if it could happen in the Spanish league," said the Camp Nou boss.

"It is difficult that the big teams here have a bad season, we are talking about three big clubs – Atletico Madrid are one of them since three or four years ago.

"We have three big clubs here with Atletico, Real Madrid and ourselves - it could happen, but it is hard to see.

"It is unusual to see the big clubs away from the top spots. The circumstances in England are atypical.

"We are talking about Premier League, the league with bigger TV rights income and that makes possible to new teams to appear. 

"This year, in the Premier League rare circumstances are happening, the title race is very open and the stronger clubs are not there to chase it."