Martinez laments pressure on Premier League managers

Roberto Martinez has "a degree of sympathy" with fellow Premier League managers working under pressure of the sack

Everton boss Roberto Martinez has bemoaned the lot of managers in British football.

The managerial landscape at leading Premier League clubs has rarely appeared more uncertain, with Chelsea having appointed Guus Hiddink until the end of the season following Jose Mourinho's stunning departure and Louis van Gaal conducting a tempestuous pre-match press conference this week amid growing pressure at Manchester United.

Meanwhile, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini regularly finds himself fielding questions about Pep Guardiola as the ex-Barcelona coach is repeatedly linked with a switch to the Etihad Stadium upon his departure from Bayern Munich in June.

Sheltered somewhat from the same degree of scrutiny at Goodison Park, Martinez believes persistent pressure on managers from week to week has caused the British game to stray away from the virtues of patience and consistency he identified during his playing days at Wigan Athletic.

"I have got a degree of sympathy about football in general," he said. "I think we have gone mad in trying to sell new projects all the time and I think we need to accept that in a football game you are going to win, draw or lose. 

"You are not going to win every week and we should try to give managers time to put their vision across and find solutions, otherwise we are becoming so volatile and, after one or two defeats, you are looking to sell a new project. 

"A new person is going to come in and be given another two games, and then we are going to look into a new project and I don't think British football is based in that manner. I don't think the DNA of the British game is about changing, going from manger to another and not having consistency in the projects and it's a real shame. 

"We've changed immensely in the last 15 years, the change in social media and how everything is viewed from the outside has a big big impact in that sort of situation. 

"If we expect to get a change of a manager every time you get a difficult period, you will never find a successful team, you will never find the real successful stories that we had over the years in the British game. It is really sad."

Everton sit 10th in the table, having not won in their last three league games.