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Mihajlovic: 'My renewal was never in doubt'

The Serbian took over in November last year, guiding Sampdoria to a 12th-place finish and earning a new deal that will see him remain at the club until June 2015.

Mihajlovic, who played four years at Sampdoria in the 1990s, simply needed assurances from the club's hierarchy before agreeing to a new deal.

"My renewal was never in doubt. The club did everything I asked for, as I just needed a couple of days to reflect," he told Samp TV.

"It was never a problem as far as I was concerned, I just wanted to know their plans and speak to those people in charge of transfer strategy.

"Nobody can give guarantees, but just as the club has faith in me, I have faith in the people who work within the club."

Mihajlovic expects Sampdoria to improve in 2014-15, regardless of the players they bring in or see leave in the off-season.

"Next year the players will certainly work well and, even if someone does something stupid, I will be there to call them on it. I doubt it’ll happen, as they are all good lads – maybe too good," he said.

"From the moment I arrived the squad quickly got the right mentality and I am convinced that with more time we’ll do even better.

"A few players will leave, others will stay, but those who remain will certainly give their best."