Mourinho blames referee for Ramires' red card

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has attributed some blame for Ramires' red card against Aston Villa to a lack of control from the referee.

Referee Chris Foy dismissed the Brazilian late in the Blues' 1-0 loss away to the Birmingham-based club on Saturday.

The oft-sly Mourinho later himself got sent off for storming onto the pitch in the aftermath of the incident, but the Portuguese tactician claimed Foy's lack of control on the contest at Villa Park led to Ramires' two-footed lunge on Villa's Karim El Ahmadi.

"I am angry with Ramires, but you know, in football, it's difficult to keep control of the emotions," Mourinho said.

"There are persons in the game that are responsible to help the players to control the emotions and sometimes these people are the people that push the players to lose their control.

"I can't separate the Ramires tackle - which is a red card - from the accumulation of frustration during the match.

"What happened in minute 92 was a consequence of the other 92 minutes played before that.

"So for me, is it a red card? Yes, it is a red card. He made a mistake and he's going to pay for the mistake."

Mourinho could still face further sanction for his second sending off of the season, while Ramires has been banned for three matches, ruling him out of a vital clash against Arsenal.