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Mourinho: I'll probably still be coaching at 70

Mourinho turns 50 in January and says he adores football so much that he can envisage spending another 20 years in the sport.

"I understand perfectly why Alex is still in the job [at the age of 70] and I think I will be the same," the outspoken Portuguese told Sky Sports Television in an interview.

"I love football so much, I love coaching so much. I will still be very young when I become 50 and I believe I have a lot in front of me."

Mourinho, who with Real Madrid is bidding to become the first coach to win the Champions League with three different clubs following his triumphs with Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010, said he had a lot more still to achieve as a coach.

"Fifty is a number with a certain impact - it's a number I believe sometimes has a psychologically negative impact on many people because they realise the world spins very, very fast and our lives are very, very short," he said, laughing.

"It's a number that makes me think and look back but also look forward too. I'm such a happy person because what I have done so far I think is amazing.

"I look back and reflect on this and have to be thankful for what God gave me," added Mourinho, the only coach to win the top three leagues in European football with Real, Inter and Chelsea.

"But at the same time I look forward and I feel myself better than ever, stronger than ever, with more experience and I think I'm still at the beginning of my professional life."