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Mourinho turns on Wenger again after FA fine

Jose Mourinho has once again turned his frustrations towards Arsene Wenger in the wake of his Football Association (FA) punishment.

The Chelsea manager was given a £50,000 fine and a one-match stadium ban, suspended for a year, after comments regarding officials being "afraid" to award his side penalties following the 3-1 defeat to Southampton.

Speaking to BBC's Football Focus, Mourinho has once more suggested Wenger gets priority treatment from the FA, pointing to an incident last season where the Arsenal boss pushed him on the touchlines and received no punishment.

"It's the FA's relationship towards me [that needs to change]," he said. "I think you, the media, should look at it. You should analyse what is happening with me, compare with other managers. It's the difference between afraid, naive, and weak, it's a £50,000 difference. The difference between a word and a push. You think it's comparable in the eyes of everyone?

"The next time I speak it'll be a stadium ban, then an electronic tag. I have to stay quiet and hope that all this journalism will bring to reality what is crystal clear."

Mourinho also slammed suggestions of a "mutiny" within the Chelsea playing squad.

He added: "The truth is that is a disgrace. An absolute disgrace. You don't need me to repeat what the players have been saying in the last couple of weeks.

"Every one of the players [on the international break] that had the chance to go to the press always had to be speaking about Chelsea."

The former Porto boss claimed on Friday that he would survive as Chelsea manager even with a mid-table finish this season, and he has urged supporters not to forget the success he has brought to the club.

"I lose one, I lose a few. If you ask me if in the next couple of years I won't win a title, I say impossible," Mourinho added.

"You think the champions of England are bad? The manager, the players, the club, the fans are bad? I know we're not playing the football of last season. It's an accumulation of factors. I'm not ready to discuss it.

"I know the way I would behave as a fan. If I were a fan I would think 'we won four Premier Leagues, three of them, the manager was this guy. The fourth was with a team that this guy made. So does he deserve our respect, our trust? Can we get someone better than him?'

"I know [Branislav] Ivanovic was not playing especially well but can we forget what he brought to this club, the happiness he brought, the player he is?

"I question my methods, and the answers are in my book. 22 titles in 15 years."