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Prince Ali urges Blatter to accept failings but says FIFA can be saved

Prince Ali bin al-Hussein says FIFA president Sepp Blatter must take responsibility for the organisation's major failings, but rejected any notion that world football's governing body should be disbanded.

On Wednesday, Prince Ali confirmed his intention to run as a candidate to succeed Blatter as president.

Blatter announced his decision to step down from the top job shortly after beating Prince Ali to win a fifth term in office, in the aftermath of a corruption crisis that is still engulfing FIFA.

Asked whether the Swiss had failed in his role as president, Prince Ali - speaking at a news conference - responded: "Any organisation, wherever or whatever it is, the leadership must take responsibility for major failings.

"No matter what you do, you can't bring back the reputation if things happen under your watch.

"On the day that no one knows who the FIFA president is, that's the day I know we're in the right shape."

Prince Ali was also quizzed on why he failed to defeat Blatter in May's ballot.

"People across the world are very reliant on FIFA," he added. "There is always a fear that if there is a change they might lose some support.

"Behind closed doors there are people who feel that perception, and they do intimidate and scare people."

Despite the problems FIFA has been embroiled in, Prince Ali believes the organisation is capable of change and vowed to "save" the body. 

"I've heard that from many people, but we need to save this organisation, because it is a world organisation. It is saveable and salvageable," he said, 

"We have to be given the chance. We can only do that if you have a real, proper change, including reform. If they meet every couple of months, that doesn't work. We should roll up our sleeves and be doing that day in, day out.

"It would be really sad if we lose FIFA."