Rafa one of most worried managers

Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez is one of the most worried managers in the league, according to a new study – but he's far more sanguine than Hull City gaffer Phil Brown.

And both could do with unwinding like Martin O'Neill: the positively chillaxed Aston Villa manager is the least worried manager in the top flight.

Researchers analysed more than a thousand interviews and statements from every Premier League manager since the beginning of the season and then gave them a percentage score for the research, commissioned by Fosters lager.

With an injury-ravaged squad struggling in both domestic and continental competitions, Benitez's utterings have betrayed his status as the sixth most troubled manager, behind Brown, Bolton's Gary Megson, Birmingham's Alex McLeish, Blackburn's Sam Allardyce and Everton's David Moyes.

O'Neill's relaxed indifference – he's apparently 30 percent less stressed than Brown – puts him top of the easygoing league, with other carefree managers including Chelsea's Carlo Ancelotti, Arsenal's Arsene Wenger and Tottenham's Harry Redknapp.

"It's hardly surprising that managers like Benitez have been plagued by worries throughout the season," chipped in sports psychologist David Lewis.

“He should be careful not to fall into the common trap of Denial - refusing to accept any problems exist when it is obvious to fans that they do.

"An optimistic approach to life would help him see opportunities where others see only setbacks, and to look forward with confidence.”