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Referee ‘sends off ball boys’ in National League game

A crew of ball boys appeared to be sent off by the referee during a National League match.

Both Yeovil and league leaders Bromley mentioned the incident on their Twitter accounts during a match which Yeovil won 3-1 at Huish Park.

A tweet sent by Yeovil in the 84th minute read: “The referee has, no joke, just sent off one of our ball boys…”

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And they followed it up with a second tweet a minute later which said: “Update: he’s dismissed all of them…”

Bromley elaborated a little, saying referee Aaron Jackson asked one ball boy to leave when he withheld the ball from one of their players, Sam Wood, on two separate occasions.

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Speaking on the BBC website, local radio commentator Chris Spittles said the ball boy in question got a warning, but “when the same ball boy repeated the trick shortly after the referee asked for them all to be removed”.

He added: “One steward was tasked with gathering them all in and leading them away down the tunnel. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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To add to the bizarre spectacle, it seems Jackson was forced into becoming a makeshift ball boy himself as the game neared its conclusion.

A tweet from Yeovil sent in stoppage time read: “The referee runs to get a ball for Adam Smith (because he’s sent the ball boys off…).”

Yeovil’s victory put them one point behind leaders Bromley in third.