Roman recoups Chelsea investment in nine months

Roman Abramovich may have poured £600m into Chelsea – but he's made more than that in the last nine months alone.

The latest edition of the Football Rich List, released today on, shows that the Russian's wealth has jumped from £7bn in January to £7.8bn in September - more than covering the vast wealth he has spent on the Stamford Bridge club.

The first of the super-rich moguls to invest in Premier League clubs, Abramovich bought Chelsea in June 2003.

Indisputably the richest man in British football for the first few editions of the Football Rich List, he has recently been overtaken by newcomers from India and the Middle East – and remains at No.3 in the latest version.

The men above him have also done well since the last Rich List, despite the worldwide recession. Sheikh Mansour, the Arab prince who owns Manchester City, has seen his personal fortune rise from £15bn to £17.4bn in the last nine months.

However, Mansour has been overtaken by the previous No.2. Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian steel magnate who has invested in Championship side Queens Park Rangers, has seen his wealth explode from £12.5bn to £18.4bn over the last nine months as shares in his Arcelor-Mittal company have recovered from a stock market hammering a year ago.

"Despite his enormous wealth, Mittal crept in under the radar at QPR because of the media focus on Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone," says FourFourTwo editor-in-chief Hugh Sleight.

"But the real financial power at Loftus Road lies with the Indian. It's a signal of just how wealthy he is that even a small recovery in the economy can give him a £6bn bump."

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