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San Lorenzo's Bauza applauds Ancelotti

Real defeated Bauza's side 2-0 in the final in Morocco on Saturday and extended their winning streak in all competitions to 22 matches.

That run is a club record and Bauza believes more will follow, due to the exceptional balance Real coach Carlo Ancelotti has achieved with his star-studded squad.

"I think this Madrid, and I said this to Ancelotti when I congratulated him, this team achieved a balance that is really hard to get," the 56-year-old Argentinian said.

"Because at front they are extremely dangerous individually, like very few other teams in the world, and he has achieved that everyone defend in a team that isn't easy to accomplish that.

"I told him that was to his credit. And that thing makes them very dangerous, very dangerous and they are going to keep breaking records, I don't doubt it."

In a feisty opening to the match, San Lorenzo's Nestor Ortigoza and Pablo Barrientos both received yellow cards in the first 20 minutes but although Bauza did not agree with those, he rejected suggestions the referee had cost his team the victory.

"I don't think that he [the referee] had influence in the result, I think he was too severe at the beginning because he didn't want the game to escape his hands, but it was a regular match, a disputed final," he said.

"There were no rough plays, both teams were focused to playing, and there were the usual clashes of a football match and the referee didn't affect the result."

Although Real were widely expected to win the Club World Cup final, Bauza refused to get too excited by his team's achievement of reaching the tournament decider.

"For me, defeats are defeats, there are no good defeats or honourable defeats, and every defeat is painful for me, no matter who is the opponent," he said.