Scolari: Brazil won't 'choose' last 16 opponent

Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari said his team will not be "choosing" their last-16 opponent at the FIFA World Cup.

The tournament hosts have their destiny in their own hands ahead of their Group A finale against Cameroon, with a win set to sew up top spot for Scolari's men.

However, with each of Croatia and Mexico still a chance to finish top should Brazil draw or lose, the results of the final group games on Monday will have a significant affect on the make-up of the knockout stages.

With Group B's table set to be aligned hours prior to Brazil's kick-off, Scolari - theoretically - could manipulate his side's result to match-up against either the Netherlands or Chile.

But the coach said flirting with his side's form, and disrespecting their already-eliminated opponent, was not on his agenda.

"Cameroon supposedly have nothing to lose but they have their honour, these players want to go back to their nation with pride, and if they lose to a better team it is OK," Scolari said. 

"But they want to play hard, to fight, so I don't believe people talking about fixed results or Brazil choosing the next opponent. This is a lack of respect to Cameroon."

Thiago Silva said, although Brazil failed to find the back of the net most recently against Mexico in a 0-0 draw after their 3-1 tournament-opening win over Croatia, he feels they have improved.

"During the first match (against Croatia) I was a bit disappointed because the team was not performing as expected, for what we trained, everything our coached asked us to do. 

"But then came the second match and we were better, but it was not a victory, it was a tie. 

"So for the fans and for the media, the result was negative, but in general for us, we have evolved as a team, I have no doubt that we played very well that game. 

"And Mexico had a wonderful game as well. 

"If we had played worse we would have lost the game and we are trying to understand this. 

"To be the champion we have to be careful all of the time. 

"Each point is important, we want to reach the next phase."