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SFA hopes to bring Ferguson on board

Alex Ferguson is set to be offered a position at the Scottish Football Association (SFA) after president Alan McRae said the former Manchester United boss had "so much to offer".

Ferguson, now 73, briefly managed the national side in the mid-1980s, before going on to huge success at Old Trafford.

Although it seems any role at the SFA would not be directly involved with the playing side, McRae believes Ferguson's presence within the organisation could only have a positive effect.

"We would like to get him involved with the SFA in some shape or form to help Scottish football," he was quoted as saying in the Herald Scotland.

"Being an administrator is a different thing to what Alex has done in his past as a manager and a coach. He might do ambassadorial stuff, but I would like to think we could maybe get him involved a bit more than that. I don't know.

"He's still a man that's in demand all over the world, but we've spoken about having him and others involved in the Scottish FA to give it a wee bit more of a wow factor.

"Alex is still interested in Scottish football. Believe me, he knows as much about our game as most people and he's been away from it for a long time.

"I'd like to think we can get him and other people involved. I'll try it because Alex has so much to offer."