‘Time to pay the price’ for Ryan Giggs, prosecutor tells court

Ryan Giggs court case
(Image credit: Peter Byrne)

The truth has caught up with Ryan Giggs and “it’s time to pay the price”, jurors at his trial have been told.

In his closing speech at Manchester Crown Court, prosecutor Peter Wright QC reiterated there were “two very different Ryan Giggs”.

“The one who is exposed for public consumption and the Ryan Giggs who exists on occasion behind closed doors,” he said.

Mr Wright invited the jury of seven women and five men to conclude the defendant is “not a thing of unalloyed beauty but when the mask slips” is the person capable of the charges he faces.

Ryan Giggs court case

Court artist sketch by Elizabeth Cook of former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

Giggs, 48, is on trial over allegations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend Kate Greville, 38, causing her actual bodily harm, and of controlling or coercing her during their relationship between August 2017 and November 2020. He denies the allegations.

He also denies assaulting the PR executive’s 26-year-old sister, Emma, in the same incident at his home in Worsley, Greater Manchester, on November 1 2020.

On Monday, Mr Wright said: “This case is about abuse of power of a man over another human being.

“It’s actually a tale which is as old as the hills.

“It is about a man who thinks, or thought he could do whatever he liked in respect of his treatment of Kate Greville and that he could get away with it because the sad history of this relationship revealed that his excesses were endured by her, excused and kept private.

“But all that changed on the night of November 1 when the basis upon which he operated disintegrated before his very eyes and the public persona of Ryan Giggs was exposed to public scrutiny. When the woman he had controlled or coerced in their lengthy, fractious and volatile relationship had the courage to stand up to him. When later his messages in all their ugly detail were exposed to a wider audience than that was intended and the intended target.”

Ryan Giggs during his spell as Wales boss (Ben Birchall/PA)

Ryan Giggs during his spell as Wales boss (Ben Birchall/PA)

Giggs’ expressions of affection across more than 19,000 messages exchanged between the former couple, enough to fill 56 lever arch files, were “utterly hollow”, it was claimed.

Mr Wright said: “The messages in this case, all of them, when contextualised, tell their own sorry tale of emotional manipulation, physical excess and control and coercion.”

He went on: “The reality is the truth has caught up with him (Giggs) and now it’s time. It’s time to pay the price.

“Lets just consider what Kate Greville was prepared to do.

“She had the courage not only on the night but later in the crucible of the witness box to speak up.

“To reveal in all its deeply embarrassing detail what he had done and said to her in the period of their relationship.

“You may think that speaking up was, for her, cathartic.

“The pent-up emotions of what he had said or done were to finally spill out.

“Scheming? Manipulative? Devious?

“Or a previously emotionally brittle vulnerable woman, previously malleable to this man, who had eventually reached her breaking point and was now empowered and able to speak out.”

Ryan Giggs court case

Former Manchester United footballer Ryan Giggs arriving at court (Peter Byrne/PA)

He said a “microcosm of the entire case” could be heard in the initial stages of the first 999 call to police from Emma Greville on the evening of November 1.

Mr Wright said: “In that microcosm what we hear is unlawful acts of violence by the defendant and an attempt by him to abdicate any responsibility on his part for what he has done by blaming another or the other. The one on the receiving end of his excesses and when that fails emotional blackmail as a last resort.

“An attempt to avoid the consequences.

“The problem for Ryan Giggs is he had gone too far once too often to someone who was impervious to his pleading and threats.

“And he had done it to Kate who was fortified by her recently found resolve and so each of them were then equipped to stand up to him, to disclose what he had done and what he was capable of.

“Eventually it had caught up with him … and he has no-one else to blame for it but himself.”

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