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Uruguay and Argentina should host World Cup 2030 - AUF chief

President of the Uruguayan Football Association (AUF), Wilmar Valdez, wants Uruguay and Argentina to co-host World Cup 2030.

The pair competed the first final of the tournament in 1930, with hosts Uruguay winning 4-2 at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo.

Valdez believes history demands the World Cup return to South America for its centenary, and he considers the first finalists to be perfect for the event.

"The day after the result, in addition to congratulating the winner in the AFA elections, the first item that I am going to mention is World Cup 2030," he told La Nacion.

"South America should have this possibility, and both Uruguay and Argentina deserve it for being the two finalists of the first World Cup.

"On that date we will celebrate a hundred years since the first World Cup organised by FIFA and you can turn your back on an event of such magnitude.

"I understand that after the experience of South Korea and Japan in 2002 there has been a decision not to accept a join-bid, but by 2030 there is no more seductive project than a return to the roots."