Video: ArsenalFanTV stars attacked by furious Gunners

It's not just Arsene Wenger who some Gooners are upset with – Robbie & Co. from the popular YouTube channel were physically targeted on Sunday. 

ArsenalFanTV presenter Robbie Lyle was subjected to abuse from a handful of Arsenal fans outside the Emirates Stadium after the Premier League side drew 2-2 with second-placed Manchester City on Sunday.

Robbie can be seen surrounded by a number of abusive Gunners fans, some of whom got physical in their bizarre protestations at the channel's mastermind. 

"You're a money maker," shouted one disgruntled type, who we can only assume lives off nothing more than the fat of the land. 

ArsenalFanTV, which has over 400,000 YouTube subscribers, releases videos before and after every Arsenal match in all competitions.

It's all getting a bit silly now, isn't it?

Warning: Swearing ahoy... NSFW etc

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