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WATCH: Patrice Evra plays with poultry in bizarre Thanksgiving message

Patrice Evra has gone viral again - perhaps literally this time - after posting yet another bizarre video on social media.

The former Manchester United and France defender has been making a name for himself with his antics on Instagram.

Previous efforts included pulling a Jeep to prove his fitness and singing an Andrea Bocelli song to welcome Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus.

And on Wednesday he went a step further with a Thanksgiving message that defies description and has to be seen to be believed... please don't try this at home.

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Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema were among the stars to react to the weird clip, with Evra responding to critics of his antics in a follow-up series of videos on his Instagram story.

"So I made a video for Thanksgiving where I was kissing a chicken - and it was so good. And now apparently I will get salmonella," Evra laughed. "But guys, enjoy your lives, stop being boring. Stop trying to put some negativity on my Instagram.

"And the vegan people, I don't say anything when you're eating all the grass in my garden. Leave it for a cow, they need to eat as well, you eat everything, the flowers, everything. So please, stop being boring.

"I LOVE THIS GAME! I'm weird and happy, so take care. And more crazy videos are coming. But this one was weird, I agree with you. I love you all. Have a nice evening."